Automated web analytic tag audit for your web site

Are you positive your web analytic reports are giving you the right information? Find your missing analytic tags without any manual interventions using our cloud based agents

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  • 1 Audit
  • 500 pages or more
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  • Unlimited Audit
  • 500 pages or more
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No long-term commitment required for a single audit and the result is guaranteed.

~ How about some features? ~

Ethan is fully automated. You specify the web site you want to audit and it will launch a number of agents on our cloud infrastructure to audit your web site. We will render each pages with all it’s graphics; execute every javascript command, capture every single request of each web page, analyse all this and present it in a summary report that’s easy to understand.


We detect hundreds of tag types, analytics, tag managers, ads, VoC, and more.


We benchmark all your tags so you can compare your tag performance against your page-loading time.


Determine where your tags are coming from so you can detect third-party or piggy-back tags.


See missing tags across your entire website.


Get detailed information about your page speed, size, and number of requests to assess your customer experience.


Get a list of dead-end links; find out all your missing pages and 404s.


Get tag firing orders and timing to assess tag position.


Get detailed reporting on all data sent by your tags and receive detailed information about every single variable.


Search your entire report by tag name, type, variable content, and more.


Export source data in Excel or CSV format for further analysis.


Script audits to bypass login or follow e-commerce funnel.


Get custom audits and reporting on request.


Execute automated exports to external data sources in order to link audit results to customers in CRM like or other app.


Coming soon...

~ Our Products ~

Ethan is our flagship product, but we also offer other products to help you with your digital analytic needs



Tag debuging for Google Chrome, view in your browser your tags request and data


A chrome extension that show you google analytic data for your web property


Automated analytic tag audits

~ Testimonials ~

Some of the people we work with and provide us with killer references.


Partnering with Logic Agent on customer projects allow us to let them do what they are good at and focus on our core competency. They are an integral part our our solutions now.


If we had a Factory Racing Team for web analytics, Logic Agent would be it, they are fast, incredibly knowledgeable and Ready to Race.

- Claude Auchu - Partner, LG2

- Florian Burguet -VP Marketing, KTM USA


Ethan's detailed breakdown of tag load and fire times have helped us troubleshoot sticky tag problems, and the clear graphical representation of tag data makes it easy for clients to understand what's going on.
-- I'd have no hesitation in recommending it.


- Damion Brown - Principal Consultant, Data Runs Deep

~ Company News ~

Ethan Update March 2015

Some changes went into production this week here is a list of the essential: -We doubled our audit capacity by adding many audit agent to the pool -Speed and optimisation of the reporting and data API -Major overall in the way we organise data in order to bring new features (You can probably guess by… Read more »

James Analytic debugger
James new face

Did you notice ? James got a new look as well as some new functionality sush as basic SEO information as well as dataLayer information. Stay tuned, more to come 🙂

Announcing Ethan Unlimited

Introducing Ethan Unlimited, unlimited audit for a fixe monthly cost. Specially design for digital agency or people who manage multiple web property, we bring the simplicity of Ethan’s audit into an unlimited format.


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