Ethan Update March 2015

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Some changes went into production this week here is a list of the essential: -We doubled our audit capacity by adding many audit agent to the pool -Speed and optimisation of the reporting and data API -Major overall in the way we organise data in order to bring new features (You can probably guess by… Read more »

James new face

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James Analytic debugger

Did you notice ? James got a new look as well as some new functionality sush as basic SEO information as well as dataLayer information. Stay tuned, more to come 🙂

Announcing Ethan Unlimited

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Introducing Ethan Unlimited, unlimited audit for a fixe monthly cost. Specially design for digital agency or people who manage multiple web property, we bring the simplicity of Ethan’s audit into an unlimited format.

Why you need web analytic audits

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The constant widening of requirements to enhance your web site productivity and the advent of tagging technology to meet rapidly growing business objectives brings a lot of complexities in keeping your analytics and even your general web site performances up to par. External tagging audits with the right tools are the best way to leverage… Read more »

Product Update – James 2

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We just push a new version of jame on the Google Chrome Web Store

new Features:
-Brand new UI to match Ethan
-Timing information of your page and tags against page load and DOM events so you can benchmark your tags and compare your tag performance against your page-loading time

2013 Automotive Web Site Analytic Study

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The car industry is a big market dominated by just under 100 vendors, their web sites have become their biggest showcase for their products. This study is to take a closer look at what this industry is using analytic wise by compiling a list of who is using what analytic solution.

2013 Top 100 Retail Web Site Analytic Study

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In April 2013 Logic Agent ran an audit of the top 100 retail websites in order to assess market penetration of clickstream analytic vendors in the market. Online retailers are a good market benchmark because there performances are usually tightly assessed with analytic solutions.

Ethan Update

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Another release this week for Ethan

  • Improvement in the report performance
  • Ability to filter pages by tag position (top,mid,bottom)
  • Minor bug fixes

Product Update

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We had quite a busy week   James Bug fixes some optimisation Simon Fixe related to Chrome API changes Fixe in oAuth Ethan New reporting optimisation in detection algorithm